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Mother and child at the Boane clinic (Photo: Heidi Larson)

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October 2002: Press Release: Bhutan "Move for Health" walk mobilizes over $1 million for Health Trust Fund

September 2002: Oslo Conference – Economics of Immunization

August 2002: Teleconference

August 2002: ADIPs: Request for Proposals from Organizations

August 2002: Implementation Task Force documents

July 2002: Guidelines for preparing a national immunization program financial sustainability plan

July 2002: Immunization Focus Newsletter July 2002 issue (PDF – 101kb)

June 2002: Press release: Awards from GAVI and the Vaccine Fund reach nearly $1 billion

June 2002: Sixth Board Meeting, Ottawa, Canada, 17 October 2001: Full Report (PDF document – 664k)

June 2002: Press release: Prime Minister Vajpayee Launches New Initiative To Vaccinate Children Against Hepatitis B

June 2002: 8th Board Meeting: Revised Agenda

May 2002: GAVI and the Vaccine Fund provide a major boost to child vaccination in China

May 2002: Development Loans for Immunization – Questions and Answers

May 2002: Estimated five-year commitment

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