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Mother and child at the Boane clinic (Photo: Heidi Larson)

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How you can help

  • You can make a gift to the Vaccine Fund

    U.S residents   Residents of other countries
  • You can also offer time, skills and energy to the goal of immunizing every child.

Everyone can participate:

UNICEF/HQ92-1645/Roger Lemoyne

A good start: a child is immunized
in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


To learn more about the Alliance, or to contribute to the Vaccine Fund, please contact the Secretariat (see base of page).

Please note: The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization receives a number of enquiries about work opportunities. GAVI’s small Secretariat has a very limited capacity to provide voluntary or paid work itself. However, some of the GAVI partners may have appropriate opportunities for employment, internships and volunteering. Please see the following links for more information, or consider approaching relevant nongovernmental organizations or immunization service providers in your country of residence.



The World Bank

The United Nations System

United Nations Volunteers

For all other queries, or if you would like to contribute to the Vaccine Fund, please contact:

Lisa Jacobs
GAVI Secretariat
Palais des Nations

1211 Geneva 10



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