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The Children’s Challenge: Immunize Every Child, Protect the Future

A worldwide effort with a part for us all to play

The Children’s Challenge, launched by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) in Davos, Switzerland, brings together many kinds of people and organizations to reach one critical goal: To immunize every child.

The goal is basic, cost effective and most importantly, achievable. It’s a goal that offers each and every one of us an opportunity to make a difference, as there are many ways in which individuals and organizations can help. Some will contribute funds, others time and effort. Here are some examples of what different groups can do to help support this important global effort:


  • Help immunize your employees and their families by offering immunization days at your premises, or by sponsoring local immunization activities; urge employees to learn about immunization and to immunize their children and themselves when necessary.
  • Learn more about how immunization can increase productivity, help create a more capable future workforce and help people escape from poverty.
  • Determine the immunization needs and successes of countries in which you do business and particularly those in which you have operations.
  • Support immunization efforts through contributions of corporate philanthropic funds; allocate a percentage of your annual profits to local immunization and vaccination initiatives with GAVI.
  • Encourage and recognize employee participation in volunteer programs aimed at increasing immunization coverage.
  • Develop and participate in advocacy and advertising campaigns to promote immunization in the countries where you work.
  • Contact GAVI to discuss ways to offer goods or advice, make donations, or support local efforts.

Donor Nations

  • Make funding for immunization a top priority in public health and economic development loans and grants in your bilateral programs.
  • Contact GAVI to support the work of the Alliance.
  • Support GAVI with logistical aid and other in-kind contributions (transportation, broadcast and media help).

National Health Authorities

  • Make universal childhood immunization with all appropriate vaccines a national priority.
  • Set up National Immunization Coordination Committees, with participation from leading national, bilateral and multi-lateral organizations.
  • Consider approaching GAVI and other funding sources for assistance in making vaccines accessible to children.
  • Make immunization a topic of high-level discussions at national forums.
  • Organize information and social mobilization campaigns to educate the public about immunization.


  • Stay current on the vaccine and immunization front by visiting GAVI and GAVI-partner web sites regularly.
  • Participate in a field visit with one of the GAVI partner organizations (i.e., UNICEF, WHO, The World Bank) to see first-hand the impact of immunization and report back to your audiences.

Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Contact GAVI to discuss ways your organization can contribute to the goals of the Children’s Challenge.
  • Collaborate with government and other development partners to strengthen immunization with all appropriate vaccines at the local level.
  • Ensure that the cause of universal immunization is a top priority with your audiences.

Philanthropists, Trusts and Foundations

  • Become knowledgeable about vaccines and immunization and the role they play in world health and economic development.
  • Consider contributing to GAVI’s Children’s Challenge by a donation to the Global Fund for Children’s Vaccines or other efforts in support of immunization.
  • Help GAVI advocate for higher immunization rates around the world, and for the development of new vaccines that are especially relevant to the nations of the developing world.


  • Incorporate age-appropriate information about immunization into school curricula.
  • Provide take-home materials on vaccines and immunization that your students can share with their families; use school meetings or events to help further educate parents about the importance of immunization.
  • Help your students organize campaigns in their communities to educate their peers about the importance of immunization.

Youth Groups

  • Learn more about vaccines and immunization by visiting the GAVI web site or other partner sites.
  • Consider making the Children’s Challenge a part of your organization’s community service or global outreach mission.
  • Create your own group such as the "Youth Immunization Advocates" to educate your peers about the importance of immunization.
  • Conduct fund-raising activities to support the Children’s Challenge.

To find out more about GAVI’s Children’s Challenge and how to join this worldwide effort, please contact:

Lisa Jacobs
GAVI Secretariat
Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Tel: 41.22.909.50.42
Fax: 41.22.909.59.31


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