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Mother and child at the Boane clinic (Photo: Heidi Larson)

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The GAVI Board is the governing body of the Alliance and expresses the highest political commitment of partners.

The Board:

  • reviews, approves and updates joint objectives and milestones;

  • considers the recommendations of the Independent Review Committee and approves support for country immunization programs, requests funds to be disbursed by Vaccine Fund;

  • notes and monitors the commitments of Partners to undertake certain strategies and activities;

  • approves budgets of the Secretariat and any task force that might be established by the Board;

  • contributes, through its members, to fund-raising and advocacy activities;

  • nominates the Executive Secretary and submits its name to the host organization for appointment.

  • shape strategic vision and direction for the Alliance (ultimate decision-maker)

  • provides highest level policy decisions stimulating GAVI partners to adopt new approaches and behaviors (e.g. alignment)

  • resolves issues among partners


Board Documents


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