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Washington, DC, 15-16 July 2003

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Presentation by Orvil Adams, WHO
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9. Human resources update

  • GAVI is not going to solve the health human resource problem, but GAVI will not be able to do its job without considering the human resources context. It is appropriate for GAVI to have a focus on human resource needs for immunization, without losing the perspective that the entire health sector is affected.

  • GAVI is already contributing to human resources through the many countries that are using Vaccine Fund infrastructure funding to provide staff incentives and improve supervision.


The Board:

    9.1 Agreed that there are a number of routes to follow within the GAVI context:

      9.1.1 Ensure that immunization figures into the broad-based approach being tackled through the work of the Department of Health Services Provision (OSD) at WHO and other global initiatives addressing human resources (e.g. Rockefeller);

      9.1.2 Ensure that human resources is addressed in the priority area focusing on contributing to addressing health system barriers in the 2004-05 work plan; and

      9.1.3 In the priority area focusing on the seven large population countries in the 2004-05 work plan, there are multiple health system failures, but there is also strong polio activity in many of these countries. The work plan activities for these countries could therefore include a proposal for how to utilize the polio human resources.

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