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Currently available press materials

9 December 2005 Dramatic Progress in GAVI’s First Five Years Shapes Next Steps in Plan to Boost Vaccinations, Save Millions of World’s Poor Children - Read more
9 December 2005 WHO/GAVI/UNICEF With an Additional US $1 Billion Per Year Immunization Could Save Ten Million More Lives in a Decade - Read more
8 December 2005 Hib Initiative A New Force in the Fight Against Hib Meningitis and Pneumonia - Read more
8 December 2005 New Weapons Against Ancient Foes: New Generation Vaccines Will Battle Diseases that Kill Millions - Read more
7 December 2005 Prime Minister of India Opens Two-Day Meeting; Calls on World Leaders to Embrace Vaccines as Key to Saving Children's Lives - Read more |  Speech
7 December 2005 Norway Increases and Prolongs Support for Global Immunization Until 2015 – 6.5 billion kroner (approximately US$1 billion) envisioned through 2015 - Read more
7 December 2005 Vaccine Experts at GAVI Meeting in India Announce Progress in Injection Safety; More than one Billion Auto-Disable Syringes Distributed Worldwide - Read more
14 October 2005 Harvard School of Public Health Study Finds Vaccines Boost Economies of Poor Countries - In English  |  En Français
4 October 2005 WHO/GAVI/PATH Immunization maintains strong performance made in last quarter century - In English  |  En Français
9 September 2005 Key European Nations Join UK and France to Commit Nearly US$4 Billion to Expand Child Immunisation in Developing Countries - Read more
2 August 2005 Statement Regarding International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFIm) and Eurostat Ruling - In English  |  En Français |  En Español
29 June 2005 Routine Immunisation Virtually Eliminates Major Killer of Young Children in The Gambia, New Study Confirms - Read more | Study in The Lancet (requires subscription)
17 June 2005 Open Letter to the Leaders of the G-8 Nations - G-8 Leaders Called Upon to Support Partnerships Working on Neglected Diseases - Read more
16 May 2005 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Bill Gates Urges World Leaders to Seize Historic Opportunity to Improve Health - Press release | Speech at 58th World Health Assembly
28 April 2005: Rotavirus Vaccine Program & Sabin Vaccine Institute - Vaccination: An Act of Love – Now and for the Future - In English | En Español
18 April 2005: Media Advisory - Vaccine Congress Montréal - In English | En Français
30 March 2005: Barcelona Declaration In English | En Español
25 March 2005: (From The Lancet) Vaccine Prevents Deadly Pneumonia in African Children, New Clinical Trial Confirms
23 February 2005: Canada provides record support for global immunization
28 January 2005: IFF for Immmunization - World Economic Forum press release - German Chancellor Schröder Urges More Help For Developing Nations Plus European Social Reform  
26 January 2005: IFF for Immmunization - DFID press release - Hilary Benn Pledges £1 Billion to Boost Health Care in Developing Countries | Gordon Brown | Tony Blair | Jacques Chirac  
24 January 2005: Gates Foundation, Norway Contribute $1 Billion to Increase Child Immunization in Developing Countries | WHO statement | UNICEF statement  
12 November 2004: German Scientists, International Leaders in ImmunizationCall for Increased Political Will and Resources to Help Reach Endangered UN Goal of Saving Lives of Children in Developing Countries  
25 October 2004 The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization announces New Executive Secretary
5 October 2004: Media Advisory: World Vaccine Congress in Lyon, France  
18 May 2004: (From the African Union) African Health Ministers Resolve to Mobilize Increased Domestic Resources in Order to Meet Health Goals  
10 May 2004: World Experts Unite in Urgent Effort to Fight Deadly Disease  
15 April 2004: Press Statement by Former South African President Mandela and Graca Machel  
27 February 2004: GAVI and The Vaccine Fund Launch New Drive to Save 1 Million Children  
11 December 2003: Eight Developing Countries to Be Paid $15m for immunizing more children -- Innovative grants program challenges health systems to be accountable for results  
09 December 2003: (From PATH) Vaccine for Disease That Disables and Kills Millions in Asia Gets Major Funding Boost  
18 November 2003: (From Merck) Merck Launches Network to Improve Immunization Programs in Africa
6 November 2003: (From GNA) President Kufuor commends GAVI
9 September 2003: Nelson Mandela Praises The Vaccine Fund and GAVI for Protecting Over 30 Million of the World’s Poorest Children with Vaccines

Read the speech

15 July 2003: Press release: Over $1 billion committed to immunize world's poorest children
1 May 2003: Press release: Canada Announces CAD$ 30 Million Five-Year Grant to The Vaccine Fund
11 February 2003: Press release: GAVI and The Vaccine Fund announce $60 million boost to accelerate development of lifesaving vaccines
07 January 2003: Press release: Comprehensive Immunization Strategy Can Greatly Reduce Child Deaths From Measles
20 November 2002: Press release: 10.5 Million Children Vaccinated Against Hepatitis B

En Français
10 June 2002: Prime Minister Vajpayee Launches New Initiative To Vaccinate Children Against Hepatitis B
31 May 2002: GAVI and the Vaccine Fund provide a major boost to child vaccination in China: China To Vaccinate All Its Children Against Hepatitis B
1 February 2002: GAVI issues Two-Year progress report
17 October 2001: Canada makes multiyear commitment to the Vaccine Fund
17 August 2001: Cambodia First Country in Southeast Asia to Receive Vaccines from Vaccine Fund
25 June 2001: 11 more countries approved for awards
6 April 2001: Africa Receives First Delivery of GAVI/Global Fund Vaccines

En Français, Español, Português,
6 April 2001: Statement from Mr James Wolfensohn, President, The World Bank
6 April 2001: Statement from Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director General, World Health Organization
6 April 2001: First vaccines delivered: a photo report from Mozambique
1 April 2001: Media Advisory: Bill Gates Senior and Carol Bellamy to deliver life-saving vaccines to Mozambique
20 November 2000: Press Release: GAVI and Vaccine Fund approve support to eight more countries; five year commitment now exceeds $250 million
17 November 2000: Press Release: Children’s vaccine advocates to meet in the Netherlands to share first-year successes
20 September 2000: Press Release: GAVI and Vaccine Fund Commit $150 million in Vaccines and Funding over Five Years to 13 developing Countries

En Français
17 July 2000: Press Release: The Vaccine Fund Names President.

En Français
14 June 2000: Norway announces US$125 million gift to GAVI campaign
11 April 2000: Press release: Global Alliance Aims to Halve the Number of Unimmunized Children in 5 Years. Chair of the GAVI Board Addresses Senate Hearing, Washington DC
2 March 2000: Press release: New Global Vaccine Alliance Draws Overwhelming Interest from Developing World
2 March 2000: U.S. President Bill Clinton’s Millennium Vaccine Initiative: Public Statement at the White House
31 January 2000: Press release: Children’s Immunization Campaign Launched at World Economic Forum

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