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Joint GAVI Board / Vaccine Fund Executive Committee Teleconference

8 February 2005

FINAL Summary Report

  • Summary report
    PDF - 9K
  • MOU
    PDF - 37K
  • 1 Memorandum of Understanding on convergence

    The GAVI Board and the Vaccine Fund EC:

      1.1 Approved in principle the draft Memorandum of Understanding to be signed by the Chair of the GAVI Board, the Chair of The Vaccine Fund Executive Committee and UNICEF as host organization, pending final edits.

      1.2 Requested Julian Lob-Levyt make the revisions discussed during the teleconference, and submit it, within 48 hours, to the GAVI Board Chair, the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee Chair, and UNICEF, who would ensure all necessary changes have been made. Before signing the MOU the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee Chair will share it with the full Vaccine Fund Board for their endorsement, a process which is not expected to raise any additional issues.

      1.3 Suggested that it would be good to consider holding joint meetings of the two Boards in the future.

      1.4 Confirmed that GAVI is not evolving into a private organization but will remain housed under a UN framework as a unique public-private partnership.

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