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Strengthening immunization programmes: Practical workshop guides for immunization professionals

The GAVI partners have created a set of six guides for workshop facilitators, focusing on strengthening immunization programmes and management systems. These practical guides can be adapted for workshops in different regions or countries. Key topics covered by the guides include the development of in-country coordinating mechanisms, immunization programme assessments, multi-year plans, and financing.

The guides were developed for a workshop held in Annecy, France, in April to update immunization professionals on "the GAVI approach" to strengthening immunization services. Participants were nominated by their regional working groups and came from Africa, Asia, the Newly Independent States and the Middle East. They represented national ministries of health, WHO, UNICEF, the World Bank, PATH and the Association Pour L’Aide à la Médicine Préventive (AMP). As a result of the Annecy workshop, participants from the regional working group in west Africa have already scheduled their own localized versions of the course to be held in Abidjan in August. The GAVI partners anticipate similar activities in other regions.

The workshop facilitator guides, supportive materials, and further information about the Annecy workshop are available here, or by mail or email from:

Molly Mort,
4 Nickerson Street,
Washington 98109,

Sustainable financing: Resources from the GAVI Financing Task Force

The GAVI Financing Task Force (FTF) has produced a set of briefing materials and analyses for use by national governments and other stakeholders. The resources are intended to support decision-makers in areas such as: identifying long-term financing options for immunization programmes; promoting the development of new vaccines for low-income and middle-income countries; forecasting vaccine demand; and capacity building in financial management.

The analyses and briefings have been commissioned from a range of independent experts and include background and discussion papers and case studies on the financing of immunization services, and a model for forecasting vaccine demand. A vaccine finance policy "briefcase" is also being prepared. The first materials, together with details of the FTF and its scope of work, are available on the GAVI website ; these will be updated and added to regularly.

Immunization Focus June 2001 - Contents

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