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GAVI Task Force on Research and Development (R&DTF)

The GAVI Task Force on Research and Development (R&DTF) is co-chaired by WHO, the University of Maryland and Chiron Vaccines. Objectives of the task force include:

  • Support the GAVI objectives to:
    • Accelerate the development and introduction of new vaccines and technologies
    • Accelerate R&D efforts for vaccines needed primarily in developing countries.
  • Catalyse action and coordinate global initiatives for
    • a limited number of disease specific programmes which can most effectively contribute to the Task Forceís ultimate goals
    • a limited number of new technologies which will improve safety, effectiveness, utility or performance of immunization in developing countries
  • Promoting private-public sector partnerships in R&D, and involving the private sector in R&D initiatives in developing countries

  • Establishing forums for policy dialogue and information sharing.
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