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Eighth GAVI Board Meeting, Paris, 19-20 June 2002

3. Lessons Learned

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  • The updated analysis of the vaccine industry and the review of the first GAVI procurement process are important contributions to the Alliance as we think about how to better manage our efforts and act as an effective catalyst for improved collaboration between the public and private sector.

  • In the future, the procurement process for GAVI and The Vaccine Fund should be based on a single line of reporting and have much more rigorous monitoring and accountability than the current system. It should also, over time, work to develop much more accurate data about demand at country level. The new system could potentially serve middle income countries as well as Vaccine Fund eligible countries.


The Board:

2.1 Agreed that an in-depth discussion of vaccine security and the changing vaccine environment and the issues involved in securing adequate vaccine supply from multinational and emerging vaccine producers, and fostering cooperation between them, should be a major topic of discussion at the Partners' meeting.

2.2 Approved the new project management structure for the preparation and implementation of the upcoming tender process. In the recommended structure, the project manager would be affiliated with WHO or UNICEF Program Department and be supported by a team made up of partners from WHO, UNICEF Program Division and Supply Division, and the Vaccine Fund. The project manager would report to the GAVI Board, via an oversight committee made up of a developing country government Board member (India) and an OECD country government (tbd), with facilitation / support from the Executive Secretary. This oversight committee will act as a conduit between the procurement project management team and the Board.

2.3 Endorsed the proposal from UNICEF and WHO, supported by The Vaccine Fund, that they should move forward with the process of recruiting a GAVI procurement project manager and assembling a team, possibly to be housed in the Geneva office of UNICEF.

2.4 Requested that vaccine manufacturers explore how they could engage in the procurement activity without creating conflict of interest.

2.5 Requested manufacturers to consider a slight delay of the 2004-06 tender process.


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