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The Vaccine Fund

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About the Vaccine Fund

The Vaccine Fund is a financial mechanism developed by GAVI to raise new resources for immunization and swiftly channel them to health systems in the world’s poorest countries. Since the partners of the Alliance provide direction and support, administrative costs are kept low – approximately 98% of Global Fund resources go directly to countries.

The Vaccine Fund was created with a generous initial grant of $750 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since that time, the governments of Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Netherlands have all come on board to support the Vaccine Fund, pushing its total resources to above $1 billion for 2001-2005. More countries are expected to contribute to the Vaccine Fund in the next few months and contributions from corporations and foundations will also be pursued.

Vaccine Fund support to countries currently takes two forms:

(1) provision of new and under-used vaccines, with corresponding safe immunization equipment, and

(2) funding to help governments strengthen their basic immunization services.

UNICEF/91-235/BANGLADESH/Shehzad Noorani
A safer future: a Bangladeshi child receives measles vaccine


25 June 2002: Estimated five-year commitment

10 June 2002: Download Word documents for each country

31 May 2002: GAVI and the Vaccine Fund provide a major boost to child vaccination in China

17 October 2001: Canada makes multiyear commitment to the Vaccine Fund

17 August 2001: Cambodia First Country in Southeast Asia to Receive Vaccines from Vaccine Fund

25 June 2001: GAVI and Vaccine Fund approve awards to 11 more countries; 5-year commitments now exceed $ 600 million

20 November 2000: Press Release: Vaccine Fund approves support to eight more countries; five year commitment now exceeds $250 million

20 September 2000: Press Release: Vaccine Fund Commits $150 million in Vaccines and Funding over Five years to 13 developing countries
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17 July 2000: Press Release: Vaccine Fund for Children's Vaccines Names President
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How the Vaccine Fund works

Vaccine Fund award decisions are based on an application process initiated by government health officials and partner agency staff in countries (e.g., UNICEF, WHO, bilateral development agencies). The proposals are submitted to the GAVI Secretariat and reviewed by an independent panel of experts. The panel’s recommendations are then evaluated by the GAVI Board – there were two such reviews held in 2000; three are scheduled for 2001. The GAVI Board recommendations are swiftly reviewed by the Board of the Vaccine Fund.



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