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Mother and child at the Boane clinic (Photo: Heidi Larson)
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Home page

[Mother and child at the Boane clinic, Mozambique]
Credit: Heidi Larson

[African mother and baby singing]
Credit: UNICEF/HQ91-0906/Roger Lemoyne

More about GAVI page

[Mother and child in clinic in Niger]
Credit: UNICEF/C4-10/Carolyn Watson
First step forward: immunization at a clinic for mothers and babies, Niger

The Vaccine Fund page

[Mother, child and health worker in clinic, Bangladesh]
Credit: UNICEF/91-235/Bangladesh/Shehzad Noorani
Caption: A safer future: a Bangladeshi child receives measles vaccine

Financing Immunization

  • Introduction page
    [Young mother with baby]
    Credit: UNICEF/HQ94-1259/Giacomo Pirozzi
    Caption: Health works: immunized babies face a better future and their parents can earn a living

  • Financing Immunization
    [Grandmother and Granddaughter, Cuba]
    Credit: UNICEF/HQ-0420/Cuba/David Barbour
    Caption: Grandmother and granddaughter: the challenge for governments is to ensure a stable health system that can immunize generation after generation

  • Promoting the development of vaccines for low-income and middle-income countries
    Credit: Brian Sheehan, Yeager Labs

  • Forecasting vaccine demand
    [Vaccine manufacturing]
    Credit: Aventis Pasteur Ltd.

First vaccines delivered: a photo report from Mozambique, 6 April 2001

[Dr Francisco Songane with Bill Gates, Sr.]
Credit: Lisa Jacobs
Caption: Dr Francisco Songane, Minister of Health, Mozambique, with Bill Gates, Sr., Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, being welcomed to the Boane clinic.

[Graça Machel addresses journalists]
Credit: UNICEF/HQ01-0156/Giacomo Pirozzi

Caption: Graça Machel, former first-lady of Mozambique and child rights campaigner (far right) addresses journalists at the Boane clinic.

[Mother and child at Boane clinic]
Credit: Heidi Larson
Caption: Confident future: mother and child at the Boane clinic.

[Mother and child behind safety bozes and equipment]
Credit: Lisa Jacobs
Caption: Safety first: safety boxes and auto-disable syringes are an integral part of the vaccination programme.

[Mozambican infant girl]
Credit: UNICEF/HQ01-0145/Giacomo Pirozzi
Caption: Special delivery: Mozambican infant girl Aurera Ndhaze, her immunization record card close at hand, at a clinic in Boane, Maputo province, where children received the first round of GAVI-provided vaccine on 6 April.

Health, immunization and economic growth page

[Girl at school, Central African republic]
Credit: UNICEF/HQ93-1942/Giacomo Pirozzi
Free to learn: immunized children have a better chance of a decent education

How you can help page

[Baby with red hat being immunized]
Credit: UNICEF/HQ92-1645/Roger Lemoyne
Caption: A good start: a child is immunized in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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