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Eighth GAVI Board Meeting, Paris, 19-20 June 2002

7. The Vaccine Fund Draft Strategic Plan and Emerging Policy Issues

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  • The Board supported a longer-term perspective for the Vaccine Fund, beyond the first five-year commitments. To meet future needs, the Vaccine Fund needs to set ambitious fundraising targets. While the environment is receptive to increased investments in health, the Board noted that there is also great demand for these new resources and that it will be important to be realistic.

  • In the start-up phase, simplicity was a key concern. The next phase may need to incorporate more flexibility to better respond to diverse country situations.

  • The introduction of new vaccines continues to be a high priority for GAVI. In the next phase GAVI may consider using Vaccine Fund resources to introduce available but under-used vaccines such as Japanese encephalitis, MMR, rubella, IPV, and other combination vaccines now being developed.

  • While it cannot necessarily assumed that the Vaccine Fund will purchase vaccines against meningococcus A, pneumococcus and rotavirus once they are developed, their status as GAVI priority vaccines indicate that this may indeed become a focus for resources. Looking further into the future, purchase of vaccines against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis should be considered within the context of The Vaccine Fund.

  • A Board member raised concern that as the Vaccine Fund builds its independent brand identity, a drift is occurring between GAVI and the Vaccine Fund. Advocacy and public awareness efforts on behalf of the Vaccine Fund must not undermine fundraising for other immunization efforts.


The Board:

2.1 Endorsed the need for ambitious, but reasonable fundraising targets. Considering the substantial needs presented by the Vaccine Fund, the Board recognized that the funding gap is significant.

2.2 Requested that the Vaccine Fund develop a menu of options, reflecting different levels of funding and program implementation, for consideration by the GAVI Board in case the Vaccine Fund's fundraising targets, and/or the countries' program targets, are not fully met.

2.3 Agreed that more Vaccine Fund resources should be used support health infrastructure and capacity-building efforts, and endorsed the proposal to give particular attention to the poorest countries.

2.4 Requested the Vaccine Fund to work with the GAVI Partners to assess the resourcing needs to reach the 80-80 milestone (at least 80% DTP3 coverage in all districts in 80% of developing countries by 2005). A proposal should then be presented to the GAVI Board on how resources could be disbursed to help meet that target. In this context, one option could be to fund operational research that investigates the effectiveness of various approaches, including their efficiency in improving health systems and outcomes.

2.5 Endorsed the clarification of current policy that vaccine commitments to countries are antigen-based. The financial implication of this clarification is estimated to be an additional $625 million over the next 10 years. For example, if a country receives five years' supply of DTP-hepB, it could apply for up to a five years' supply of DTP-hepB-Hib - as long as it finds other funding to cover the costs of the DTP-hepB portion.

2.6 Recommended further policy dialogue, especially at the Partners' meeting, on issues related to the introduction of new vaccines over the coming years, and also about the role and potential of local production in reducing cost and securing supply. The Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) could play an important role in these discussions.


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