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About The Vaccine Fund

The Vaccine Fund was created as the financing arm to help support GAVI immunization goals. While the GAVI Board sets the policies for selecting which countries and programs may access Vaccine Fund resources, the Vaccine Fund staff and board are responsible for raising new financial resources, managing the funds, and channeling them to developing countries' health systems.

Currently, The Vaccine Fund offers the following support to qualifying governments of the world's poorest countries: (1) new and under-used vaccines -- currently hepB, Hib and yellow fever, (2) funding to help governments strengthen their basic immunization services, and (3) safe injection equipment in the form of auto-disable (AD) syringes and safe disposal boxes.

Since its initial pledge from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the governments of Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, and the United Kingdom have pledged their support, as well as the EU. The Vaccine Fund now has over $1 billion in commitments over the next five years. But more funds are needed to realize the goals of reaching all children with current vaccines and accelerating the development and introduction of new vaccines.

How The Vaccine Fund works

Vaccine Fund award decisions are based on an application process initiated by government health officials and partner agency staff in countries (e.g., UNICEF, WHO, bilateral development agencies). The proposals are submitted to the GAVI Secretariat and reviewed by an independent panel of experts – there have been 10 reviews held since 2000. The panel’s recommendations are then evaluated by the GAVI Board and then swiftly reviewed by the Board of The Vaccine Fund.


The Review

Issue 5 - May 2004 (PDF - 254K)

Issue 4 - October 2003 (PDF - 140K)

Issue 3 - April 2003 (PDF - 292)

Issue 2 - November 2002 (PDF - 200K)

Issue 1 - June 2002 (PDF - 314)

Annual reports

2002 report (PDF - 1841K)

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