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A quarterly publication of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization

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[ July 2003 - VVM ver vial ]At a glance, VVMs indicate if a vaccine has been exposed to too much heat
© Philippe Blanc/WHO

July 2003

Special Feature

Vaccine vial monitors: is the waiting almost over?
A simple device could protect children from receiving heat-damaged vaccine and save millions of dollars' worth of wasted vials. Phyllida Brown investigates.
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In the hot seat: the view from the health ministry
Last November in Dakar, Senegal, at the GAVI Partners' Meeting, health ministers expressed a desire to see a forum for exchange of experiences and information on immunization. Here, we begin by asking four health ministers to describe the key challenges and issues they currently face.
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The Vaccine Fund's challenge
GAVI's fundraising arm has made a good start, but there is a lot of work ahead
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Spending is up, but the finance gap is unfilled

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