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Vaccine research, development and safe implementation:

The Jordan Report: Accelerated Development of Vaccines. 2000. A full-length report (173 pages) from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the U.S. National Institutes of Health, summarizing current vaccine development status.

  PDF file (2,146kb approx.) – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Safety of Injections 1999: WHO-UNICEF joint statement on the use of auto-disable syringes in immunization services (WHO/V&B/99.25)

  PDF file (30kb approx.) – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Quality of the cold chain 1999: WHO-UNICEF policy statement on the use of vaccine vial monitors in immunization services (WHO/V&B/99.18)

  PDF file (27kb approx.) – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

From the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, January 2000: ’Which Pneumococcal Serogroups Cause the Most Invasive Disease: Implications for Conjugate Vaccine Formulation and Use’. A review by Hausdorff et al.

    • Part I. (2000: 30: pp 100-121)
    • Part II. (2000: 30: pp 122-140)

Global policy developments:

U.S. President Bill Clinton’s Millennium Vaccine Initiative: Public Statement at the White House, 2 March, 2000

Health economics and cost-effectiveness analysis:

WHO Global Programme on Evidence for Health Policy

Discussion paper No. 4

Development of WHO Guidelines on Generalised Cost-effectiveness Analysis 1999

  28-page discussion document PDF file (113kb approx.) – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Children’s Health:

The Impact of Adult Deaths on Children’s Health in Northwestern Tanzania.

World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2266

  PDF file 98kb approx. – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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