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ADIPs: Request for Proposals from Organizations

In June 2002, the GAVI Board approved in principle the formation of Accelerated Development and Introduction Plans (ADIP) for both rotavirus and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines. These ADIPs are designed to coordinate and advance the work of the public and private sectors towards an ultimate goal of accelerating the introduction of pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines into developing countries. Each ADIP will be implemented by an ADIP team that will be responsible for developing refined, focused activity plans, performing data-driven analysis to support GAVI Board decision-making, and managing relationships with a broad range of public and private sector partners in working towards early introduction. It is envisaged that an ADIP team, which will be located at a host agency, will manage each ADIP. The host organization will be expected to recruit, hire, and support the team members.

The ADIP team will refine, coordinate, and execute Accelerated Development and Introduction Plans - detailed project plans geared towards speeding the introduction of these new products into developing countries. In working towards these goals, the ADIP team will seek to achieve transparent milestones - key points at which the GAVI Board will decide whether to continue to pursue early introduction activities for specific products based on continually updated data and the team's rigorous analysis. The team will report to a GAVI Steering Group, which will approve further accelerated development and introduction activities based on revised and refined workplans. The team and Steering Group will brief the GAVI Board on progress against milestones and proposed next steps at agreed "Go/No Go" decision points. The teams and their host will be required to be flexible in working with both public and private sector partners to implement activities.

The Request for Proposals is contained in Annex I. Additional information on the ADIP vision, concept and approach are included in the attached ADIPS Summary Document (Annex II).

The existing, initial ADIPs for pneumococcal conjugate and rotavirus products build upon the product agendas developed by experts on these diseases and vaccines. McKinsey & Company - a management consulting firm engaged by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Vaccine Fund, and the World Bank - worked with these experts to develop the ADIP concept and approach. After consultation with staff from numerous public-private partnerships including MVI, IAVI, MMV, MVP and other organizational experts, McKinsey proposed a structure for the ADIP team that has been further refined by GAVI partners. Further details on the proposed team and its structure are attached in Part I of Annex I.

Part II of Annex I provides further detail on the project, the criteria against which your RFP will be evaluated and the information that should be included in your proposal. Potential host organizations should indicate their commitment to the ADIP team, ability to provide support, and ability to implement the general approach represented by the ADIPs.

All proposals must be received by 31 October 2002. An independent review panel will evaluate these proposals immediately afterwards and offer recommendations to the ADIP Steering Group and the GAVI Board. A final decision by the GAVI Board will be announced before the end of November 2002.

If your questions are not addressed by our Q&A, we will be happy to answer
any questions you may have regarding this initiative or proposal. Questions
should be directed to Dr. Tore Godal, Executive Secretary, GAVI (email: or to Dr. Richard Klausner, Chair of the GAVI Board
sub-group on ADIPs (email:

Proposals should be sent to Dr. Tore Godal, Executive Secretary, The GAVI Secretariat, c/o UNICEF, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland.

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