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Mother and child at the Boane clinic (Photo: Heidi Larson)

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Immunization Advocacy Resource Kit

Resources for immunization advocacy and communications


Advocacy for Immunization

How to generate and maintain support for vaccination programs

  PDF file (518kb approx.)


Realizing the Full Potential of Childhood Immunization

Practical advice for doctors and other health workers about promoting immunization in their communities.

  PDF file (227kb approx.)


Hepatitis B Vaccine Introduction

Lessons learned in advocacy, communications, and training

  PDF file (460kb approx.)


Immunization and Child Health Materials Development Guide

A practical, "how-to" manual for conducting audience research and developing effective, user-appropriate print, audio, video, and computer-based health education materials.

  PDF file (2.67mb approx.)


Helping Young People Become Youth Advocates for Immunization

Practical ideas for teaching children and young adults about infectious disease, immunization, and injection safety and for encouraging them to promote immunization in their communities.

  PDF file (514kb approx.)


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