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Progress Towards Global Immunization Goals

Recently prepared by the WHO, this slideshow summarizes global progress in vaccination efforts for DTP3, Polio, Measles, MNT, HepB, and Hib3. It also gives information on which countries have national plans for immunization, which countries include vitamin A supplements with their immunization services, and which countries incorporate injection safety in their immunization services. It concludes with a global immunization score card.

Download the powerpoint presentation (698kb)

Information by vaccine

  • DTP3: Graph of DTP3 coverage, chart breaking down the 37 million children not immunized by region, chart estimating the number of additional number of children who will need to be reached to increase coverage from the current level of 72% to 80%, 90%, and 100%, maps showing DTP3 coverage in developing countries.

  • Polio: Map showing progress from the WHA Resolution to Eradicate Polio in 1988 to the year 2000, graph of reported and estimated cases of polio from 1985.

  • Measles: Map of countries that achieved measles coverage of 90% in 2000, map of countries that have implemented routine measles vaccinations, and/or have, within the last four years, conducted a national immunization campaign covering at least 90% of children under the age of five.

  • Maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT): Map showing MNT elimination status.

  • HepB: Graph showing the number of countries that have introduced the vaccine and the extent of global coverage, map of countries that have introduced the vaccine and reported HepB coverage.

  • Hib3: Map of countries that have introduced the vaccine and reported Hib3 coverage.



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