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Geneva, Switzerland, 9 - 10 December 2003


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6. The Grand Campaign for Child Immunization

  • The Vaccine Fund has been reorganized to strengthen its capacity to raise money and awareness. Following consultation with the GAVI Secretariat, the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee and Board and more recently, GAVI partners, The Vaccine Fund has developed a resource mobilization strategy that is based on increased partnership with GAVI partners and outreach to civil society toward re-invigoration of a child survival constituency, particularly in donor countries currently not contributing to GAVI.

  • The effort will be particularly mindful of the importance of ensuring that new resources for GAVI are not coming at the expense of support to our partners, upon whom GAVI relies for its success.

  • The Grand Campaign for Child Immunization, to be launched in London in late February, will be a three year effort with a goal to build partnerships with civil society organizations (such as child related NGOs, public health organizations, academia, labor and human rights organizations, etc) in support of child immunization in developing countries generally and support for GAVI specifically.

  • Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, a Vaccine Fund board member, has agreed to serve as a global voice and face for the Grand Campaign. Beyond London, the plan is to take the campaign to six or more other priority donor countries over 2004.

  • The Vaccine Fund staff will remain in close touch with GAVI partners, including UNICEF, WHO and industry as the campaign unfolds.

  • The Board welcomed the initiative and requested further updates and continual involvement, specifically mentioning the launch of the campaign.

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