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GAVI Update

Genva, Switzerland, 9 - 10 December 2003

Lessons Learned from the Pilot Phase
Jul 02-Oct 03
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7. The Vaccine Provision Project (VPP)

  • It will be difficult for UNICEF and WHO - as long-established institutions with their own governance and management structures - to adapt to a project management structure with an external function having direct oversight over the defined roles and responsibilities of the three VPP partners. However, many Board members felt that this approach, with an independent manager, should be further pursued at this time.

  • Considering that there is no person in the manager position currently, a very short timeline to draft and agree upon the project’s scope, terms of reference for a project manager, and process for recruitment of a manager, would be reasonable.

  • The increase in prices of combination vaccines is of grave concern. We must consider new ways to maximize the leverage of the Alliance to ensure rapid market entry by new suppliers of affordable combination vaccines. Other GAVI partners - Vaccine Fund, WHO, GAVI Secretariat and others, as necessary - in addition to UNICEF Supply Division may need to engage in negotiations with industry. Furthermore, options such as long-term contracting should be pursued.

  • While the heightened activity of WHO and UNICEF to accelerate the pre-qualification process for producers of the most in-demand vaccines is certainly welcomed, more efforts, and more support to WHO may be required.


The Board:

    7.1 Agreed that the most appropriate management and oversight arrangements for the VPP will need to be worked out as soon as possible possible taking into account the preference of many Board members for a project manager model. This process for finding the solution will be managed by the Executive Secretary with the VPP partners.

    7.2 Requested the Executive Committee to move the above process forward with a goal of decision by end January so that recruitment of a project manager, if found necessary, could be pursued thereafter.

    7.3 Agreed that whatever the ultimate solution, the VPP partners (WHO, UNICEF and the Vaccine Fund) need to participate at a senior level.

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