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GAVI Update

Washington, DC, 6-7 July 2004

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6. Measles Investment Case

  • The document provided as an addendum to the original measles investment case addresses the concerns raised by the Board.

  • Channeling some of the $50 million through the GAVI/Vaccine Fund country support mechanism would result in a $3 million loss in matching grants from the UN Foundation. However, upholding the GAVI emphasis on bottom-up country application processes would be worth the reduced financial contribution.


The Board:

    6.1 Approved option B outlined in the addendum of the measles investment case, namely:

      6.1.1 The Vaccine Fund will contribute $37 million to the UN Foundation for "catch-up" campaigns. This will trigger a $9.25 million matching grant from the UN Foundation. The relevant countries will access resources for catch-up campaigns through the Measles Partnership.

      6.1.2 The Vaccine Fund will make available $13 million to support implementation of a routine second dose of measles vaccine in selected countries. The relevant countries will access resources for routine second measles dose through GAVI/Vaccine Fund country application mechanism.

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