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GAVI Update

Fifth GAVI Board Meeting, 21-22 June 2001, London, England

June 2001

Relationship between the Vaccine Fund and GAVI


While the proposed logo for the Vaccine Fund received enthusiastic support from the GAVI Board, the Board requested that more work be done on the design of a new GAVI logo; once this is received the appropriateness of a GAVI logo should be discussed.

Discussion of a new GAVI logo will be via email/teleconferences, so that the final decision can be made by the time of Children’s Summit in September. This would coincide with the first meeting of the new Vaccine Fund board in New York.

Systems to increase linkages between GAVI and the Vaccine Fund, especially between the two Boards, the GAVI Secretariat and Fund management, the GAVI Working Group and Fund Executive Committee, must be further developed.

The linked but distinct roles of GAVI and the Vaccine Fund would be better understood if the role of GAVI that is not directly related to the Vaccine Fund could be more clearly defined.


The Board:

  • endorsed the name change of the Global Fund for Children’s Vaccines to ‘The Vaccine Fund’ and endorsed the new logo selected by the Fund Board;

  • endorsed the recommendation that GAVI and the Vaccine Fund have separate but mutually reinforcing logos and graphic identities, and that language to convey the relationship, such as ‘GAVI: partnering with the Vaccine Fund’, be used;

  • recommended that the outcome of the branding study on GAVI and the Fund be rapidly disseminated to the different levels of the GAVI partners, in order to promote consistent messages throught the GAVI network;

  • endorsed the idea of increased linkages through common supervision of the GAVI Secretariat and Fund management by the Working Group and the Executive Committee of the Fund;

  • requested that the relationships among the partners in the Alliance be further explored and discussed, especially in regard to the two Boards.


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