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March 2002

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Putting injection waste out of harm’s way

By 2003, in line with WHO and UNICEF injection safety policy, all countries’ immunization programmes should have shifted to using auto-disable (AD) syringes – with some 400 million to be supplied worldwide by UNICEF during the year. Although immunizations account for only 5% of all injections given worldwide, the new policy has highlighted the need for safe disposal of all injection waste. Below, Mark Haltmeier and other members of a WHO mission to assess healthcare waste disposal in Côte d’Ivoire highlight the importance for success of having a clear policy, knowledge and sustainable means. Alongside their article, our ’reports from the sharp end’ in Cambodia, India and West Africa describe three practical solutions in 2002.  
  Dangerous trade: children queue up at a garbage dump in southest Asia to scavenge for used syringes.

Healthcare waste management: there are solutions by Mark Haltmeier and others

Reports from the sharp end

WHO advice and resources


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