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Friday, February 1 2002

GAVI Issues Two-Year progress report

Two years after its official launch, GAVI projects that its goal-oriented approach to development aid could raise basic immunization rates in funded countries by 17 percentage points and increase coverage of hepatitis B vaccine from 18 to 65 percent by 2007, ultimately saving more than two million lives.

At the 2002 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in New York, GAVI officials released new data summarizing the projections for increased immunization coverage in the 53 countries that have been approved for support from GAVI and The Vaccine Fund to date. The immunization coverage targets are based on the plans prepared and submitted by the countries and partners in the countries. According to current GAVI policy, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine and yellow fever vaccine are only appropriate for certain countries and regions. The coverage targets should be considered estimates; data may change if countries' actual performance differs from their targets.


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