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Mother and child at the Boane clinic (Photo: Heidi Larson)

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Eighth GAVI Board Meeting, Paris, 19-20 June 2002

Revised Agenda (11 June 2002)

TUESDAY, 18 JUNE 18.00

  • Pre-Meeting discussion on "GAVI and other global health initiatives in the broader context of health and poverty reduction strategies"
  • Dinner hosted by Institut Pasteur
  • WEDNESDAY, 19 JUNE (begin at 08.30)

    • Carol Bellamy, Chair
    Report from the Asia region
    • Brent Burkeholder, WHO
    Review of GAVI
    • Karen Caines & Hatib N’jie, Consultants


    Lessons Learned through the GAVI procurement process
    • Piers Whitehead, Mercer Consulting
    Immunization Financing Database
    • Ruth Levine, Patrick Lydon, Financing Task Force
    Financial Sustainability
    • Steve Landry, GAVI Working Group
    Dinner hosted by Institut Pasteur

    THURSDAY, 20 JUNE (begin at 08.30)

    • Michael Conway, McKinsey & Co.
    Window 3
    • Marie-Paule Kieny, GAVI R&D Task Force
    Review of Vaccine Fund strategic options
    • Jacques-François Martin, The Vaccine Fund


    Task Force on Country Coordination - changes
    • Michel Zaffran, GAVI Working Group
    Review of 7th Round IRC recommendations
    • Abdallah Bchir, IRC member
    Progress on strengthening NGO involvement in GAVI
    • Mark Kane, CVP
    Recruitment process for GAVI Executive Secretary, process for selecting new Board Chair
    • In camera

    Any other business

    CLOSE (17.00)