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Mother and child at the Boane clinic (Photo: Heidi Larson)

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Immunize Every Child:

Draft policy to improve children’s access to immunization

Nearly 30 million of the 130 million children born every year are not receiving vaccinations of any kind. The great majority of unreached children, or 25 million, live in countries that have less than 1,000 USD per capita GNP.

A major priority for GAVI is to see that all countries of the world achieve at least 80% immunization coverage by 2005. At the second meeting of the GAVI Board, held in Davos on 1 February 2000, the GAVI partners discussed policies for achieving this milestone.

A discussion paper entitled "Immunize Every Child" was reviewed by the Board and its suggested broad policy directions were endorsed. Before finalizing the policies, the Board decided to seek the input of the global public health and immunization community by circulating the discussion paper and posting it here on the website.

We would value the comments of members of the public health and immunization community on this paper, and will consider incorporating your suggestions into the document if these are received by 15 May, 2000. The paper will be finalized and adopted at the third meeting of the GAVI Board in June 2000.

Read Immunize Every Child (Word file, 353 kb). Please send comments to the GAVI Secretariat, , stating your affiliation, by 15 May. Thank you for your interest.

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