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April 2002 Meeting Report
Annex 1 – Agenda50kb
Annex 2 – List of participants58kb
Annex 3 – Terms of Reference47kb
Annex 4a – Monitoring and Evaluation Workplan14kb
Annex 4b – Capacity Building Workplan22kb
Annex 4b – Capacity Building Workplan (Revised)21kb
Annex 4c – Secretariat Workplan36kb
Annex 6 – Guidelines for industry participation21kb
Annex 7 – Members of ITF Core and sub-groups24kb
Annex 5a – Country status, approval and monitoring processes270kb
Annex 5b – Improving access to immunization services134kb
Annex 5c – Increasing coverage at the district level3.73kb
Annex 5d – Eastern & Southern Africa1.08mb
Annex 5e – Asia Pacific RWG: Successes and Challenges Injection Safety1.03mb
Annex 5f – Improve Injection Safety: Eastern Mediterranean RWG48kb
Annex 5g – Status of Injection Safety in SEAR406kb
Annex 5h – Introduction of New Vaccines: From National Policy to Local Implementation374kb
Annex 5i – Overview of Activities onintroduction of new vaccines and feedback from the RWG63kb
Annex 5j – The role of RWGs in the GAVI Process19kb
Annex 5k – Financial Sustainability141kb

Monitoring & Evaluation

Annual Report Form
Core Indicators Paper
GAVI Monitoring requirements – Timing and Responsibilities
Performance Evaluation Paper
GAVI Disbursement charts for regions
GAVI Database Document
Mid-Term Review

DQA materials

Capacity Building

WHO training website
Policy options paper introduction of hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccines into national immunization programmes
Powerpoint presentations for the introduction of new vaccines
Draft TORs for Immunization Training action group
Increasing immunization coverage at the Health Facility Level
TORs for cold chain review
Link to flagship course
Outline plan for sharps waste
Draft paper on non-incineration options




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