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GAVI Board Teleconference

12 September 2002

Summary Report (Word - 30 KB)


1. Vaccine Provision Project Update

The Board:

  • Welcomed the update and requested further input at the next meeting of the Board in November.

2. ADIP Update

The Board:

  • Welcomed the update and requested that:

    • the host RFP process should make explicit that organizations can form partnerships to serve as ADIP hosts.

    • the current ADIP Board sub-group be maintained in order to respond to issues as they arise from the process.

    • a questions and answers section related to the ADIPs be established on the GAVI Website.

3. IRC Recommendations

The Board:

  • Approved the recommendations of the Independent Review Committee that:

    • Indonesia's re-submitted proposal for immunization safety support be approved, including the request for funding for training.

  • Requested the Vaccine Fund to approve the above recommendation. The total estimated cost implications for this recommendation over the next four years is approximately $9.9 million.

4. Partners' Meeting

The Board:

  • Endorsed the proposed draft agenda for the meeting and committed to provide the Secretariat with further input directly.

5. Proposed new Review Committee Members

The Board:

  • Endorsed the proposed list of new members for the 'Expanded' Independent Review Committee and requested that the Secretariat move forward with inviting the individuals to join.

6. Indian Board representation

The Board:

  • Endorsed the proposal from India to invite its new Minister of Health, Mr Shatrughan Sinha to join the GAVI Board.
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