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GAVI Board Teleconference

23 May 2002

Summary Report (Word - 21KB)


1. GAVI review

  • The first draft report will be sent to Carol Bellamy Monday 27 May; she will forward to the Board end of day Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

  • The Board is asked to respond to the Secretariat with comments on the draft report by 31 May; these will be forwarded to the reviewers.

  • The Secretariat will distribute final report to the Board by 7 June.

2. Board procedure for considering recommendations of IRC

  • Since Board operations will be discussed at the June Board meeting in the context of the GAVI review, at this time the Board will not change its procedure for considering the recommendations of the IRC.

  • A representative of the IRC will make a presentation to the Board, but this presentation should be shorter than in past meetings.

3. Board meeting agenda

  • The meeting agenda is accepted, with minor revisions as follow:

    • The presentation on task force changes will be moved to the first day, to follow the presentations on the GAVI Review and the Lessons Learned.

    • A pre-meeting presentation on GAVI in the context of broader health and development issues on Tuesday evening is being explored.

  • The Secretariat will circulate information on logistics (attached).

  • Institut Pasteur is arranging for a seminar on R&D to be held on 18 June at the Institut. More information will be sent to the Board shortly.

4. GAVI Workplan

  • The Secretariat will revise the plan to clarify the distinction between partner and GAVI Secretariat activities, and to reflect the broader goals beyond DTP3 coverage.

  • Once these adjustments are made, the workplan will be the basis for the coming year's work.

  • Next year's plan will track progress against milestones.

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