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GAVI Board Teleconference

24 October 2002 (Word - 35K)

Summary Report


1. Board review of 2003 vaccine procurement funding needs

The Board:

  • Agreed to submit an urgent request to the Vaccine Fund to release additional funds necessary for vaccine procurement in 2003. The amount of the additional funds necessary - over and above previously requested and approved amounts - is US$ 44,449,940.

  • Requested further discussion of disbursement procedures regading continued supply of vaccines within the 5-year framework on the agenda for the GAVI Board Meeting in Dakar in order to secure an efficient and predictable supply of vaccines in the future.

2. Dakar Board Meeting Agenda

The Board:

  • Requested that in light of the heavy agenda, the discussion topics be prioritized to focus on issues requiring Board decisions only. As a result, discussions on Monday and half of Tuesday will focus on the following topics:

    • GAVI progress report

    • Joint session and topics with Executive Committee of Vaccine Fund

    • GAVI workplans, including proposed budgets and discussion of financing

    • Access Framework

    All other topics will be discussed briefly on Tuesday afternoon.

3. Proposal to develop a strategic framework to increase access to immunization

The Board:

  • Endorsed the Working Group proposal (Word, 239K) to engage the expertise of an outside consulting firm, preferrably McKinsey Consulting due to its experience with the Alliance, to help to develop management approaches to contribute to and support an overall effort to improve access to immunization services within the health sector. This effort will complement the work being done by the ad hoc, time-limited "Access Team", made up of partners from WHO-HQ, WHO-AFRO, CVP/PATH, and UNICEF.

  • Requested that while it is important to maintain focus, the consultant should conduct the analysis considering the context of:

    • other immunization priorities

    • the experiences of the Universal Childhood Immunization campaign

    • long-term sustainability

    • work being done by partners, such as Julia Fox-Rushby's research, funded by WHO, concerning costs, effects and cost-effectiveness of interventions to expand coverage of existing immunisation services.

  • Agreed that a reference group should manage the work of the consultant on behalf of the GAVI Board. The group will be WHO, UNICEF, Norway, USAID, and the GAVI Secretariat.

  • Welcomed the promise of contributions from Norway, UNICEF , and WHO to support the costs of the study. The Vaccine Fund and GAVI Secretariat will fill in any remaining gaps.

4. Red Cross representation

The Board:

  • Agreed to the proposal from the International Federation of the Red Cross / American Red Cross to invite Dr Muctaru A.S. Jalloh, National President, Sierra Leone Red Cross Society to replace Mr. Abbas G. Gullet, Secretary General, Kenya Red Cross Society, as Mr Gullet has a new assignment at the IFRC headquarters in Geneva.
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