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GAVI Board Teleconference

8 March 2001

Summary Report (Word - 30K)


Outcome of Third Review of Country Proposals

The Board generally endorsed the recommendations of the independent review committee and requests that the Vaccine Fund provide financial support to Armenia for the introduction of new and under-used vaccines, and to Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone for immunization services strengthening, in accordance with their respective proposals.

The Board further decided in principle to request that the Vaccine Fund provide financial support to Cameroon, Pakistan and Tajikistan for immunization services strengthening, pending the clarifications requested from these countries.

The falling proportion of proposals being approved in successive rounds is highlighting the need for increased support to countries so that they can submit successful proposals to GAVI / the Vaccine Fund. The partners, particularly WHO and UNICEF with the Task Force on Country Coordination, will as a matter of urgency, increase their efforts to provide the technical support necessary to help countries conduct immunization assessments, develop multiyear immunization and new vaccine introduction plans, and strengthen coordination among partners through a strong ICC.

Concern was raised about the Nepal request for hepatitis B vaccine which was not recommended for approval. The Board urged that GAVI partners, in coordination with the Task Force on Country Coordination, provide the necessary support to Nepal to address the areas required to improve its system and submit a successful proposal to GAVI / the Vaccine Fund as soon as possible.

A minimum investment support of US$ 30,000 over two years from the sub-account for immunization services was endorsed. The Secretariat together with the Working Group were requested to examine the issue more closely to ascertain whether this amount is appropriate.

The Secretariat will in the future provide the Board with an analysis of the impact of the proposal review recommendations that reflects the estimated number of children to be reached, to supplement the information concerning financial commitments.

GAVI Workplan 2001

The Board commended the workplan as an important GAVI instrument.

The Board asked the Secretariat and the Working Group to propose a comprehensive policy for discussion at the June meeting regarding capacity of vaccine manufacturers in developing countries, including technology transfer.

The Board proposed that the workplan better reflect the need to improve capacity of countries to provide the basic immunization services.

The workplan will be updated based on the written comments submitted by Dr Borst-Eilers and the discussion during the teleconference, and re-circulated to the Board.

Update from the Working Group

Capacity building: The Board endorsed the suggested that the strategy should include more details of how country programs will be supported, beyond ICCs.

Global Fund and GAVI: The Board expressed concern about the risk that GAVI and the Vaccine Fund could diverge courses, especially considering the current exercise to develop an identifiable ‘brand’ for the Vaccine Fund for use in fundraising efforts in the United States. The Board confirmed that the two must be viewed as closely linked.The Secretariat was requested to work with the Working Group and the Vaccine Fund Secretariat to prepare for the Board an analysis of pros and cons of more closely integrating GAVI and the Vaccine Fund in order to reduce confusion about the respective roles of the two Boards and Secretariats. Until a more informed discussion in June, communication about GAVI and the Vaccine Fund will continue to convey their close relationship.

The Board valued the update from the Working Group and requested that in the future similar updates be distributed to the Board prior to teleconferences and as other needs arise.

Next meeting of the GAVI Board

The Board appreciates the offer from DfID to host the next GAVI Board meeting in London, and agreed to the dates of 21-22 June.

Mr Lovelace requested that the issue of how GAVI will fit in relation to other new global health initiatives be on the agenda of the June Meeting. The Board accepted his offer to prepare a background paper for the Board.

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