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GAVI Board Teleconference

26 May 2000

Summary Report (Word - 27K)


Summary of Discussion

Agenda for June Board meeting in Oslo.

Waslander urged that discussion in the context of R&D consider issues relating to technology transfer and capacity building in countries. These issues will be included in the R&D Task Force Terms of Reference, and will be further explored at Partners' and Board meeting in November.

Shodu suggested discussion of African regional working group of GAVI, arising out of recommendations at April meeting in Abidjan. Issue to be discussed during agenda item on governance, with summary report of meeting included in documents.

Board members endorsed the inclusion of an "in camera" session as a precedent for all future GAVI board meetings.

Agenda was approved by the Board.

Endorsement of Jacques-François Martin as Executive Director or President of the Vaccine Fund for Children's Vaccines.

Kane outlined the procedure followed in the nomination and recruitment of J.F. Martin by the interim Board of the Vaccine Fund. Kane requested endorsement from the GAVI Board, for a 2 year appointment, with review after 1 year.

Job description is attached.

Waslander stressed that, while the Netherlands does not necessarily have objections to the choice of Mr Martin, the process should have been more transparent. Future procedure to be clarified.

Board members endorsed the choice of Mr Martin.

Governance of GAVI.

Bergevin summarized the discussion between bilateral organizations during the WHA: while it was agreed that the GAVI board needs to remain small, there is strong desire that the Board increases its OECD representation to 3 (Netherlands will be regarded as OECD representative, not technical agency). To maintain balance, an OECD increase would require an increase in developing country representation to 3. It was decided to hold this discussion during the "in camera" session in Oslo.

Waslander urged more clarity about the roles, liabilities and responsibilities of the GAVI Board. He informed the Board that the government of the Netherlands requires more clarity regarding the decision-making process especially between GAVI and the Vaccine Fund.

Alnwick concerned about the use of the word "governance" in describing GAVI, which is not a legal entity but a loose alliance of members with common objectives.

Kane described two clear roles for the GAVI board ­ to define policy, for which legality is not a necessity; and to define use of Fund resources, where there is more need for legality.

Governance document (Word document – approx. 45kb) will be revised and redistributed by Monday June 5, based on discussion and further comments in writing, received by Wednesday 31st May.  

Review of country proposals to Fund.

Board members are invited to Geneva on 13-14 July to participate in the proposal review process. The independent expert panel will have reviewed the proposals received by 1 July, and discussed their recommendations with the GAVI Working Group on 12 July.

Board members to inform the Secretariat of their respective availability.


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