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GAVI Board Teleconference

9 May 2003

Summary Report (Word - 124K)


1. Funding request to The Vaccine Fund for vaccine procurement
2. Transition of the GAVI Chair
3. Composition of the VPP oversight committee and the ADIP management committee
4. Working group composition
5. Other business

1. Funding request to The Vaccine Fund for vaccine procurement

The Board:

  • Emphasized the importance of further action to study and reduce vaccine wastage.

  • Emphasized the importance of the programmatic basis on which forecasting is made (for new Board members and support staff the current methodology - as discussed in the Dakar Board meeting - is attached for information as Annex 1 inside of the summary report).

  • Endorsed the recommendations regarding continued funding of vaccine procurement in order to ensure uninterrupted vaccine supply in countries. Specifically:

    • Due to higher than expected vaccine needs in Uganda and the shortage of pentavalent vaccine, Uganda will need to introduce a substitute product in an interim period, with a financial implication of no more than $8,8 million.

    • A certain amount of vaccines and supplies for 2004 need to be delivered in 2003 [see attached Annex 2 for specific needs], with a financial implication of $4,5 million.

    • Requested The Vaccine Fund Executive Committee to approve the above recommendations, and to provide $13,3 million to meet the financial obligations of this decision.

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2. Transition of the GAVI Chair

The Board:

  • Endorsed the proposal from WHO that Carol Bellamy stay on as GAVI Board Chairperson through the last Board meeting in 2003 [probably in November] and that the WHO Director-General nominee, Dr J.W. Lee, would then take over as GAVI Board Chairperson.

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3. Composition of the VPP oversight committee and the ADIP management committee

The Board:

  • Endorsed the proposed composition of the ADIP management committee to include the following members:

    Board Member & Chair of the ADIP Management Committee: Rick Klausner, Gates Foundation
    Board Member: Prof. P. Nymadawa, MD, PhD, DSc., Mongolia
    Board Member: Julian Lob-Levyt, DFID, U.K.
    Dr. Harry Greenberg, Stanford University
    Dr. Brian Greenwood, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    Kevin Reilly, formerly of Wyeth Vaccines

  • Endorsed the proposed rotation of members of the VPP oversight committee and the proposal to include WHO and UNICEF in the committee, noting that any conflict of interest situations that may arise would be dealt with as usual, i.e. the concerned member would not take part of such decisions. The committee will then consist of:

    • Mozambique
    • Canada
    • The Vaccine Fund
    • WHO
    • UNICEF

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4. Working group composition

The Board:

  • Endorsed the proposed composition of the GAVI Working Group as below (see Annex 3 for elaboration).

    Constituency Current individual, affiliation (where appropriate)
    The World Bank Amie Batson
    UNICEF Maria Otelia Costales
    WHO Tracey Goodman
    Gates Foundation Sally Stansfield
    OECD country Sigrun Mogedal, NORAD Norway
    Developing country immunization program Oleg Benes, Moldova
    R & D / NGO Mushtaque Chowdhury, BRAC, Bangladesh
    OECD vaccine industry Walter Vandersmissen, GlaxoSmithKline
    The Vaccine Fund Fabian McKinnon
    Co-opted member Mark Kane, CVP (represented until recently Gates Foundation)
    GAVI Executive Secretary Tore Godal

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5. Other business

The next Board teleconference will likely take place in the middle of June. A major topic will be procurement.

The next Board meeting was confirmed to take place 15-16 July in Washington DC, hosted by the World Bank.

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