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Sixth GAVI Board Meeting, 17 October 2001, Ottawa, Canada

October 2001

3. Opening Window 3 of the Vaccine Fund to support R&D

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  • Issues in research and development vary according to the kind of problem to be addressed. For example, the need for disease burden studies is an obvious gap in R&D funding. However, development of new vaccines, or adaptation of existing vaccines for developing country settings – such as a stabilized measles vaccine – are more complex issues for consideration and will need additional work.

  • Funding to pharmaceutical companies should not necessarily be ruled out – as long as it goes to support clinical development of a vaccine targeted for developing countries and no commercial incentive exists for that vaccine.

  • While we cannot obligate the Vaccine Fund to purchase future products, we must consider the effect on companies’ investment in product development if there is no assured market.

  • Before specific funding decisions are taken by the Board, the various 'push' and 'pull' options should be well defined, e.g., whether research grants, advance purchase, tax incentives or other tools would be the most effective in accelerating vaccine development. If a pharmaceutical company is to be funded then there would have to be a quid pro quo agreed to assure access for developing countries.


The Board:

3.1 agreed that the proposed guidelines should be taken forward for final approval by the Board, subject to modification based on the issues raised in the discussion.


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