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GAVI Board Teleconference

27 February 2003

Summary Report (Word - 25K)

1. GAVI 2003 Work Plan and Budget
2. IRC Recommendations
3. NESI (Network for Education and Support in Immunisation)
4. GAVI Board Chair Turnover

1. GAVI 2003 Work Plan and Budget

The Board:

  • Endorsed the 2003 GAVI work plan and budget.

  • Welcomed the offer from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fund the $3.5 million gap as a special contribution for 2003.

  • Agreed that the work plan and budget should be managed by the Executive Secretary, in keeping with the previous recommendations of the GAVI Board at its Paris meeting, based on the GAVI Review.

  • Decided that, in consideration of the urgency required, the funds for the 2003 work plan should be provided in the following way:

    • Donor transfers funds to The Vaccine Fund;

    • The Vaccine Fund transfers funds to the GAVI Secretariat based on a simple exchange of letters;

    • The Secretariat transfers funds to the implementing partners, or keeps them for Secretariat expenditures, in accordance with the work plan.

    UNICEF voiced serious concerns that providing funds to implementing partners through the GAVI Secretariat is inconsistent with GAVI's strategy to strengthen individual partner capacity and accountability.

  • Agreed that the longer-term arrangements for funding GAVI work plan activities should be discussed in the context of the strategic framework.

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2. IRC Recommendations

The Board:

  • Welcomed the report of the IRC Monitoring team and lauded the committee for its excellent work.

  • Endorsed the recommendations regarding continued funding of country programs based on satisfactory progress reports. Specifically:

    • The third investment payment for immunization services support for nineteen countries, with a financial implication of $16,416,000.

    • Additional funding for injection safety support for five countries which have increased their targets, with a financial implication of $345,760.

    • The third year's supply of vaccines for twenty-four countries, and additional funding for vaccines for Sri Lanka which has increased its targets, with a financial implication of $57,926,142.

  • Requested The Vaccine Fund Executive Committee to approve the above recommendations, and to provide $74,687,902 to meet the financial obligations of this decision. [Note: the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee met one day after the GAVI Board teleconference and approved this request.]

  • Endorsed the policy recommendations in the report, and agreed to take the following actions:

    • Dr Brundtland and Ms Bellamy will develop and distribute a joint letter to their organizations' national representatives to encourage greater participation in ICCs.

    • UNICEF favours a change of the due date for the annual progress report from September to July; will be explored by the Secretariat.

    • UNICEF will encourage its national representatives to be more actively involved in checking data before progress reports are submitted.

    • UNICEF will, through its Supply Division and country offices, work with Governments to make sure that vaccine stocks in countries are checked before new supplies are shipped.

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3. NESI (Network for Education and Support in Immunisation)

Download reports (PDF - 12K, PDF - 22K)

The Board:

  • Requested more information on NESI before making a decision on endorsing the program. The Secretariat will pursue the possibility of providing the Board with more information at its 6 March Board meeting so that it can make its decision then.

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4. GAVI Board Chair Turnover

Discussion of this item was postponed.

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