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Sixth GAVI Board Meeting, 17 October 2001, Ottawa, Canada

October 2001

4. Vaccine Vial Monitors

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  • The adoption of vaccine vial monitors (VVMs) is a high priority among the GAVI partners; UNICEF and WHO have already signed on to a policy calling for VVMs on all EPI vaccines.

  • The concept of using VVMs on all EPI vaccines, supported by the public sector, is to provide the health worker at the peripheral level a standard tool with which to assess vaccine viability, thereby enhancing quality control.

  • WHO indicated that it is working closely with UNICEF and vaccine manufacturers to resolve outstanding technical issues on VVMs and that it will be calling a technical meeting for all interested parties in order to review VVM implementation.

  • The Board members from the vaccine industry urged the GAVI Board to not adopt a global mandate regarding VVMs, recommending instead that each vaccine be addressed individually taking into account the supply challenges due to having only one VVM supplier and the relative stability of the different vaccines.


The Board:

4.1 requested that a realistic and yet urgent timeline be developed for the adoption of vaccine vial monitors eventually for all EPI vaccines.


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