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Procedure for selection of GAVI Board members

Criteria for selection of members

Consideration of eligible nominees for selection as Board members is based on criteria covering both organizational and individual factors:

  1. the importance, or potential importance, of the partner to GAVI’s mission
  2. the availability and commitment of the candidate member to GAVI activities, including keeping the partner/constituency involved
  3. expertise and experience that will contribute to GAVI Board discussions
  4. technical, geographic and gender diversity in the composition of the Board.

In order to ensure an appropriate balance of expertise and/or technical, geographic and gender diversity in the Board at any given moment, specific criteria may be applied to individual Board appointments. The notice inviting nominations will state any specific, as well as general, selection criteria.

Selection procedures for members

At present the GAVI Board has five renewable members - WHO, UNICEF, The World Bank, the Vaccine Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - and eleven rotating members whose terms are normally for three years, non-renewable. This composition is subject to periodic review. Membership is considered to be by the relevant agency/ constituency.

Where renewable members wish to change their representative, they will provide a new nomination, supported by a CV, to the Chair who will determine the nomination on the basis of consultation.

Rotation among non-renewable members will usually mean a change in organization as well as individual. It is the responsibility of the non-renewable Board member whose term is coming to an end to undertake a timely, transparent, fair and open exercise within the constituency to produce nomination(s) for a successor to the Board. The GAVI Executive Secretary provides support, including details of general and any specific selection criteria. He may, on request of the Board member, jointly issue the invitation notice.

Depending on timing, the GAVI Partners’ meeting may provide a forum for constituency consideration of forthcoming Board vacancies.

On behalf of the constituency, the Board member will advise the Chair of the GAVI Board of the resulting nomination(s) at the end of the constituency exercise.

All nominations will be subject to a Board consultation process, led by the Chair. After consultation, the Chair will determine the selection, taking into account both the proposed organization and the proposed individual. In cases of concerns about the suitability of nominations received, the Chair will ask the constituency to come forward with an alternative candidate whose consideration will follow the same process.

Non-renewable Board members hold their seats until their successors are elected by the Board. Since demands vary from constituency to constituency, the outgoing Board member takes responsibility for a seamless handover to his or her successor. If at all possible, both should attend the Board meeting at the point of handover to ensure continuity.

Forthcoming Board member rotations

The terms of office of non-renewable Board members end as follows:

In December 2003

  • technical health institute (currently CDC)
  • industrialized country industry (currently Wyeth-Ayerst)
  • developing country government (currently India)
  • industrialized country government (currently US)

In June 2004

  • nongovernmental organization (currently Sierra Leone Red Cross Society)

In December 2004

  • two developing country governments (currently Mongolia and Mozambique)
  • industrialized country government (currently Canada)
  • developing country industry (currently Serum Institute of India)

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