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The GAVI work plan

The GAVI work plan is an expression of its Partners' commitment to immunizing children worldwide. Based on the Strategic Framework -- adopted by the GAVI Board in July 2003 -- the work plan focuses resources in areas in which GAVI's added value has been demonstrated, and in new areas in which GAVI could make a profound difference.

The work of the Alliance in 2004 and 2005 will focus on four major goals: strengthening health service delivery, ensuring access to vaccines and related products, securing long-term financing, and strategic planning. These goals are broken down into 30 targets distributed in ten priority areas. These goals, priorities and targets have been identified as the best route to reach GAVI's milestones and accomplish its objectives.

GAVI is expanding its current efforts in financial sustainability, vaccine provision and supply, and improving health information systems. These activities will help ensure that more countries’ immunization programs are financially sustainable, that an affordable vaccine supply is assured, and improve the quality of health data.

GAVI is taking on a new, more active role in addressing system-wide barriers and stepping-up efforts in populous countries. It is widely recognized that, in many developing countries, sustainable health services depend upon better integration across the health sector. Furthermore, the GAVI "Access" milestone will only be reached if the countries with the largest populations of unimmunized children substantially increase their coverage. With its strong network of committed partners, it is anticipated that GAVI is well positioned to make substantial inroads in these new areas in the coming years.


2003 work plan documentation

2004 - 2005 work plan documentation

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