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[ picture of children ]Summary of eligibility for support from GAVI and The Vaccine Fund

Only national governments may receive support from the Vaccine Fund (NGOs, research institutes, etc., are not eligible). Basic eligibility for support has been set according to national income: countries with GNI per capita below $1,000 75 in all are eligible.

The general criteria for funding are:

  1. A well-functioning national mechanism to coordinate activities among health ministry, multilateral agencies, donors and other groups including NGOs (often called an Inter-agency Collaborating Committee, or ICC);
  2. A comprehensive assessment of the immunization program within the last three years; and
  3. A multi-year plan for routine immunization (incorporating recommendations of above-mentioned assessment).
  4. A strategy for improving safety of injections in the immunization system.

Go here to learn more about the forms of support GAVI offers.

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