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In order to facilitate communications relating to ADIP RFPs, the Board has established this section of the website. Questions will be added as they come in by the ADIP development sub-group (Richard Klausner, Gates Foundation & Chair sub-group; Julian Lob-Levyt, DFID; Dr. Prasada Rao, India; Dr. Philippe Kourilsky, The Pasteur Institute).

Question 1: Can different organizations form a partnership to host an ADIP?

Answer: Yes.

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Question 2: What is the expected scope of the project funding? Is there a time and dollar limit? Can we extend the time limit if we don't exceed the dollar limit - e.g. spend US$30 million over 4 years instead of 3? I ask because the ADIP has uptake targets that begin in 2006 or 2007 (4-5 years away) and in fact, demand doesn't take off until around 2009. On the other hand, the Board only agreed to open W3 for 3 years. This key issue affects what we promise to deliver to GAVI (e.g. clinical trials) and affects our ability to recruit staff - i.e., folks may be more reluctant to leave a good position for a 3-year job than for a 5-year job. Please advise.

Answer: ADIPs may have a financial frame of US$ 30 million over a 3 to 5 year period. However, one can foresee that the Steering Group will undertake an in-depth review after 3 years in order to determine renewals/re-competition and a regular review of progress. Thus commitments to staff cannot be made beyond a 3-year period.

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Question 3: Reading Annex 2, p. 17 of the RFP there is a figure by McKinsey that show a go/no go milestone for price/volume agreements with industry in 2004. Is the ADIP team going to have the authority to negotiate an agreement with industry on behalf of the VF? Obviously, it would not be up to the ADIP team to accept it, the VF board would have to do that, but will the ADIP team be empowered to do the initial negotiations and to bring a draft agreement to the table for the VF board to decide on? If so, then this will have implications for the staffing of the team.

Answer: The ADIP team would be empowered to initiate negotiations and make a presentation to the Steering Group who would then determine subsequent action.

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Question 4: How will the budget work? Will the Vaccine Fund transfer an annual budget to the host agency, who will then use some for internal operations and the rest for the activities that need to be done? Or will the host agency work as a 'manager' on behalf of the W3 funds - managing the grants and contracts on behalf of the VF but with the VF actually cutting the checks? This will need to be accounted for in the way that indirect costs and administrative management are designed.

Answer: The policy on the management of financial flows would be flexible to minimize transactional costs. Whatever solution is outlined in the proposal, the ADIP team would be responsible for the management of all ADIP-related grants and contracts.

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Question 5: Are there any pre-determined limits to the indirect costs that can be charged? A very low indirect cost limit will reduce the pool of potential applicants.

Answer: As a matter of policy the Vaccine Fund does not accept flat overhead costs. However, specified direct costs can be considered.

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Question 6: Can the ADIP team be modified to include staff with other areas of expertise such as business development?

Answer: As outlined in the Request for Proposals, the ADIP teams should remain small. However, among the four proposed team members, experience in business development and in the private sector could be an asset.

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Question 7: Are there any other documents that would be helpful in the development of applications?

Answer: McKinsey & Company's recently published report on accelerating the introduction of new vaccines in developing countries, From credible investment case to Accelerated Development and Introduction Plan (ADIP).

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ADIP case study (Word - 333K)
Presentation (PPT - 265)

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Pneumococcal ADIP proposal (PDF - 543K)

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Independent Proposal Review Committee

ADIP Q&A - I (Launch phase)

11 February 2002 - Press release - GAVI and The Vaccine Fund announce $60 million boost to accelerate development of lifesaving vaccines

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