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ADIP Management Committee

Terms of Reference & Potential Committee Candidates

The Accelerated Development and Introduction Plans (ADIPs) for pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines are an exciting new approach to ensure countries have earlier access to priority products. The ADIP is designed as a comprehensive plan to accelerate research and development on these products and to harness skills across a number of sectors to assure rapid access once they become available. This entails a coordinated approach to ensure three parallel lines of activity.

  • Establish Value - The ADIP team must gather disease burden and vaccine efficacy data to ensure a vaccine meets target product profile specifications.
  • Communicate Value - The ADIP team must communicate the value of a potential vaccine to national and international decisions makers who will determine vaccine demand and willingness to pay
  • Deliver Value - The ADIP team should work with industry, GAVI partners and public health donors to translate vaccine demand into a credible market in order to negotiate broad based supply and pricing agreements for developing countries.

ADIP Team: Each ADIP team is staffed by a team leader and 3-4 specialists in the areas of clinical development, communication, supply and delivery to develop, coordinate and implement workplans through a wide array of partners. The teams will be supported by technical advisory panels that will review the requests for proposals as well as evaluate the technical proposals received through competitive processes.

ADIP Management Committee: The ADIP Management Committee will have the primary mandate of ensuring the ADIP teams progress toward key milestones and offer guidance to the GAVI Board on critical go/no go decisions related to the accelerated development and introduction of these new vaccines. The Management Committee will be responsible for overseeing the workplans and budgets of the ADIP teams, ensure they are feasible and represent an appropriate use of resources, and provide the Board with timely data and analysis to inform decision-making. The Management Committee is also charged to help the ADIP teams to address the myriad challenges arising from this innovative approach to product development and introduction.

GAVI Secretariat will provide the type of functional support to Management Committee, as expected for activities of the Board.

The Management Committee will meet twice a year (in person) to review both the pneumococcal and rotavirus ADIPs. Individual members of Management Comittee could be consulted between meetings as appropriate by ADIP team leaders and GAVI Secretariat staff.

The responsibilities of the MC will include:

  • Working with the ADIP team leader to define and set the timetable and milestones for GAVI Board Go/No Go decisions;
  • Reviewing workplans and budgets prepared by the ADIP teams to ensure progress toward the Go/No Go milestones;
  • Reviewing workplans and budgets prepared by the ADIP teams to ensure the appropriate balance of scientific, communication and delivery activities given a cohesive product development timeline;
  • Supporting ADIP teams to address challenges such as defining specific target product profiles with efficacy, safety, and accessibility characteristics, managing the public-private partnership, communicating the value of vaccine introduction for national decision making, creating demand, establishing supply-price agreements, and appropriately engaging diverse partners.
  • Assessing progress towards the milestones and identifying and helping to solve problems impeding progress including problems within the ADIP teams, within the host agency or with partners.
  • Based on the review of workplans and budgets, recommending the annual transfer of funds from the Vaccine Fund to the ADIP team.

Given its responsibilities, the suggested members of the Management Committee have been identified for their knowledge in the following areas: establishing clinical vaccine efficacy, managing product development and introduction efforts, participating in public-private partnerships, understanding demand and demand drivers at the country and international levels, working with national immunization systems and/or for their representation of key stakeholders (donors, ministries of health, industry).

Recommended candidates include:

  • Board Member: Prof. P. Nymadawa, MD, PhD, DSc., Mongolia*
  • Board Member: Julian Lob-Levyt, DFID*
  • Rick Klausner, GATES foundation
  • Dr Harry Greenberg, Stanford University
  • Dr Brian Greenwood, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Kevin Reilly, formerly of Wyeth Vaccines
* Board members are nominated in their GAVI Board institutional capacity.

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The ADIP Management Committee

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Background information

McKinsey & Company's
ADIP case study (Word - 333K)
Presentation (PPT - 265)

Rotavirus ADIP proposal (PDF - 360K)

Pneumococcal ADIP proposal (PDF - 543K)

Original Request for Proposals

Independent Proposal Review Committee

ADIP Q&A - I (Launch phase)

11 February 2002 - Press release - GAVI and The Vaccine Fund announce $60 million boost to accelerate development of lifesaving vaccines

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