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November 2004

Photo credit: WHO/P.Viro


VVM uptake: accelerating in international markets but lagging behind in domestic markets

New data on the introduction of vaccine vial monitors (VVMs) - which are designed to prevent the use of heat-damaged vaccine and waste - reveal that while global uptake has doubled over the past year, there is a big gap between their use in international and domestic markets
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News feature

Japanese encephalitis: an orphan disease comes of age
A lethal disease that threatens 3 billion people throughout Asia and the Pacific is finally getting the attention it deserves

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GAVI awards

GAVI awards for top-performing countries
Five countries have received special awards from GAVI for outstanding performance in increasing immunization coverage

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Vaccine Fund news

Campaign for child immunization launched in Germany
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Michel Camdessus, Rita Süssmuth and Jocelyn Davis join The Vaccine Fund Board
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Data on progress
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News from the field

Children immunized against measles and polio in Darfur

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