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Phase 2 GAVI/The Vaccine Fund country support

The first phase

In phase 1, GAVI partners created very specific policies for country support using Vaccine Fund resources. Only countries with incomes less than $1000 could benefit. Countries could apply for a five year’s supply of vaccines against hepatitis B, Hib disease and yellow fever. Financial support to strengthen immunization systems was awarded based on countries’ plans to increase basic immunization coverage. Safe injection material for all vaccinations was also available to countries for three years.

In less than four years the GAVI has approved proposals for support from 69 out of the 75 eligible countries. The total five-year Vaccine Fund commitments to countries amount to $1,050 million. As of the end of 2003, $236 million worth of support was received in countries; with $156 million for new vaccines, $40 million in cash payments and $40 for injection safety support.

Towards a second phase

Because of its success in assisting countries to immunize children, GAVI has received additional funding for the period 2006-15.

Now the Board is determining the shape of phase 2 support. Through a series of consultations (with donor and recipient countries and with partners in immunization) GAVI hopes that phase 2 policies and support mechanisms will benefit from lessons learned from phase 1. Also central to Board decisions in the coming phase is the investment case framework – a methodology to assess and compare investment options – which has been developed by the World Bank.

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