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Monitoring requirements

Annual progress reports

The monitoring team of the Independent Review Committee (IRC) reviews the reports and provides recommendations for approval to the GAVI Board. Click here for a summary of the most recent IRC review of progress reports and to download available progress reports.

See the review schedule for due dates.

Financial sustainability plans

Development of a financial sustainability plan during the second year of Vaccine Fund support is a requirement for all countries. Training workshops will be conducted from February to June; the concerned countries will be contacted directly with further details. Signed financial sustainability plans must be received at the Secretariat - they will be reviewed by a new team of the Independent Review Committee (IRC). Click here for the most recent outcomes of the IRC review of financial sustainability plans and to download available FSPs.

See the review schedule for due dates.

The Data Quality Audit (DQA)

The DQA has been developed by WHO and helps to evaluate the quality of a country's health information system and verify the accuracy of reported administrative data. DQAs are conducted in countries receiving immunization services support during the first or second year of funding. For more information go here.

See the review schedule for due dates.

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