What is the Vaccine Alliance?

What is the Vaccine Alliance?

The Vaccine Alliance is a health and personal development website run by the Vaccine family: Charles, Julie, Chris, and Sarah.

Collectively, we have over 45 years experience helping people at various stages of their lives deal with the various physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that come from living in the modern world.

This blog is a collection of the thoughts, ideas, and experiences we’ve had assisting others overcome the challenges in their lives with the hope that you can take some of those ideas and use them to empower yourself towards whatever goals and important for you.

Please note that whilst we are all qualified professionals in our own fields, none of the information on this blog can take into account all the specific circumstances surrounding your personal situation and so please do not take any of this as medical advice and read it solely for informative purposes only.

If you’re suffering from any condition you wish to overcome, please consult with a registered medical professional who can take into account all your personal circumstances and history before providing guidance on your situation.

If you have any questions you’d love us to answer, please leave a comment on any article or contact us through our contact page.

Thanks for reading!