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Seventh GAVI Board Meeting, Stockholm, 11 March 2002

4. Guidelines for use of Window #3 of the Vaccine Fund

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  • The GAVI research agenda needs to be focused on implementation:  what kind of research is required to get more vaccines to more children in the shortest time?

  • As we advocate for the development of new vaccines it will be important to consider how vaccine standards have changed – even in the last 20 years – and whether today’s regulatory hurdles are too high to encourage new product development.  This may warrant further exploration and discussion at a future meeting.

  • The involvement of developing country researchers and manufacturers is essential in the GAVI research agendas.


The Board:

4.1. Took note of the proposal to establish Accelerated Development and Introduction Plans (ADIPs) to better address GAVI priorities to speed development and introduction of pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines, and new technologies and management strategies to improve immunization coverage. The meningococal vaccine is not included as this project is already managed through the Meningococcal Vaccine Program (MVP).

4.2. Requested more in-depth information on the management structure and arrangements for accountability for the proposed ADIPs, and on the selection process for the ADIP managers.

4.3. Agreed that more work needs to be done to elucidate the ADIP process, particularly for managing R&D work once it has been commissioned, how developing countries will be involved, and how it will incorporate the efforts of all of the relevant GAVI task forces, before guidelines for using Vaccine Fund resources for R&D can be approved.

4.4. Will review the ADIPs for the pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines at its next Board meeting in June and consider the need for opening Window 3 of the Vaccine Fund to support the implementation of these plans.