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Mother and child at the Boane clinic (Photo: Heidi Larson)

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Seventh GAVI Board Meeting, Stockholm, 11 March 2002

Click here to download the full report as a Word document, or follow the links below to view it on screen. Relevant documents and presentations are also available by following the links below.

Agenda items:

1. Performance-based grants disbursement strategy

2. Monitoring and reporting of country performance

3. GAVI Review

4. Guidelines for use of Window #3 of the Vaccine Fund

5. Priority Technologies and Operational Strategies to Increase Access to Immunization

6. Immunization Financing Database

7. Lessons Learned on GAVI Procurement

8. Recommendations of the Independent Review Committee on Indonesia

9. China MOU

10. Next Teleconference and Meetings

11. Report by the London School School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: Summary of Presentation and Discussion