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Seventh GAVI Board Meeting, Stockholm, 11 March 2002

2. Monitoring and reporting of country performance

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  • Accountability is a key principle for the Alliance, in terms of country performance as well as the performance of GAVI and the Vaccine Fund in raising awareness of and catalysing improvements in immunization systems.

  • The Annual Progress report is designed to give responsibility of reporting and implementation to governments, and empower ICCs to have more strength in the system. It should be an opportunity to identify problems with health and immunization systems, and stimulate action to resolve them.

  • Some Board members questioned whether it was appropriate that Ministers of Health would need to be involved in reporting to GAVI and the Vaccine Fund; does requiring this signature add an unnecessary political burden to the process? Or does it enhance the commitment of the government to improving its system?

  • Information received from countries on use of immunization services funding could be useful for identifying best practices and sharing information between countries.


The Board:

2.1. Confirmed the following principles:

2.1.1. The monitoring and reporting system should be designed to minimize burden on countries and support country’s own systems and needs.

2.1.2. The GAVI/Vaccine Fund Annual Progress Report will include a request for information about financial sustainability plans, and outcomes of DQAs in countries where they are conducted.

2.1.3. The responsibility for conducting mid-term reviews – in-depth assessments of the processes and functions of country immunization programs – will be delegated to ICCs and regional working groups.

2.1.4. The monitoring and reporting system should be flexible enough to be revised as needed.

2.2. Approved the draft Annual Progress Report, with the following amendments:

2.2.1. In the section that requests information on the use of immunization services funding, add space for countries to report whether the money was placed in a sector-wide account.

2.2.2. Change the wording in the section requesting information about the financial audit to better reflect the role and autonomy of governments.

2.3. Formed a subgroup – Mali (Nafo-Traore), Norway (Mogedal), UNICEF (Fife) and the Vaccine Fund (McKinnon) – to propose new text on financial audit requirements and report back to the Board at its next teleconference.