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Paris, France, 19-20 July, 2005
Summary Report


(in order of agenda item)

Document Download
Financing of Immunization Services in Malawi PDF - 73K
Principles and revised objectives PDF - 27K
GAVI/VF Resource Report PDF - 42K
Lessons Learned from GAVI Phase 1 and design of Phase 2: Findings of the Country Consultation Process PDF - 645K
Report of informal OECD Donor Consultation PDF - 22K
Investment case review process and summary PDF - 17K
Investment Case Review Consolidated Report PDF - 42K
Investment Cases Review of Costs, Funding, and Economic Analysis PDF - 192K
Bridge Financing Investment Case PDF - 300K
Policies for supporting introduction of new and underused vaccines in Phase 2
PDF - 41K
Measles investment case II PDF - 1035K
Investment Case for Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination PDF - 1669K
Investment Case for the Polio Stockpile PDF - 175K
Global Vaccine Supply: the Changing Role of Suppliers PDF - 36K
GAVI/VF Long-term supply strategy PDF - 38K
Principles for immunization services and health system strengthening PDF - 36K
Principles for technical support PDF - 23K
Yellow fever evaluation PDF - 220K
2006-07 GAVI/VF Work Plan Framework PDF - 101K
UNICEF contribution to GAVI/VF 2006-07 Work Plan Framework PDF - 35K
GAVI/VF country support application and monitoring processes in Phase 2 (not presented)
PDF - 29K
GAVI support to large countries in phase 2 (not presented)
PDF - 27K
Update on the IFFIm PDF - 118K
2005 GAVI Partners meeting (not presented)
PDF - 29K

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  1. Report from the field: Malawi
  2. GAVI/Vaccine Fund in Phase 2—Executive Secretary Report
  3. Investment case development, review and decision-making process
  4. Bridge financing investment case
  5. New vaccines in phase 2
  6. IFFIm-Dependent Investment Cases
  7. Long-term supply and procurement strategy
  8. The International Finance Facility for Immunization
  9. Immunization services support and health system strengthening
  10. Technical support in phase 2
  11. GAVI/VF 2006-07 Work Plan Framework
  12. Yellow fever stockpile evaluation
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